See how what I know can help you and your project or business

Any freelance writer and editor can help with your next big campaign - yet you'll get more than the basics when you include me on your team. From news writing to feature ideas, planning to tone of voice: I'll work with you to make sure your venture is a roaring success. So get in touch if my skills fit your needs.

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News articles

You want to know the main message of the news article you're reading - and fast. That's where one of my many skills come into play: not only can I identify what the crucial point is, but I can also put this into a logical order. This is so your audience can get what information they need and, if they see how this will benefit them in the long-term, will boost engagement with your media channel (either online or in print).

Features and copywriting

There you are, sitting on your sofa with a drink in one hand - a strong cup of tea, one sugar with just a splash of milk - and you're scrolling through your phone wondering what plans you'll make for the day ahead. You think that, maybe, now's the time to search for that freelance writer you need for your project...

See how you pictured yourself right there? There's more where that came from, too, as I can whip up a tantalising introduction to an intriguing interview or other story-telling experience.

Proofreading and editing

Even the best writers in the world need someone to go over their work to see if what they're written makes sense - and this is where I can help you and your brand. Having spent more than two years as a magazine sub-editor during my career, and becoming the go-to colleague for proofing articles in other roles, it's second nature for me to edit text and improve it. Making a paragraph more engaging and removing any errors is the aim here, while still managing to keep the writer's voice.


Search engine optimisation can be a tricky skill to master - but can be greatly beneficial to to your site once you know what's required. The good news is that I know how to increase your website's visibility and traffic organically by a number of different methods. I can advise what you could do to boost your results and search engine rankings.


Many businesses and brands have a blog - it's an essential part to successfully promote yourself online - but there are many different ways to make sure yours works exactly how it needs to be. I can write posts for your blog to make sure it fits the main subject and your tone of voice, or add something a little different if you think you need to include an extra little something to it. You can check out my blog posts for an idea of what I can do for you.

It doesn't have to end there, though. I can work with you to create an editorial plan so you can set-up future posts for your benefit, and see what other elements can be included to boost performance and engagement even further.

Social media

Everyone is online these days, but there are myriad ways in which to engage with followers and customers. I can write posts for your social media channels - whether that's Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other outlet - and advise which are the best for your needs.

Tone of voice

Think of how you speak to or send messages to the people in your life: the way you email your manager will be different to how you would email your best friend, or another business whose services you want to use. And that's how tone of voice works.

The way you present yourself to users and customers will be determined, in part, by your communications. I can work with you to establish what language to use depending on your audience and subject, plus how your text will be used and presented. This will also include sentence and paragraph construction, to help create the most impact with those who will see it.


There's nothing worse than not hitting a crucial deadline, or missing out on an event because you didn't plan in advance - but I can help you with that on your project. We can work together on what you need to complete and within what timeframe is available. And, if it fits your business, I can set-up an editorial plan of what you can publish and when to get the best response.


My first byline was for a column in a feature, and it meant spending an afternoon looking through the archives of the magazine I was on work experience with at the time. I've always enjoyed trying to get as much information as possible about a subject, so I would be the perfect piece to fit your project if you need an in-depth analysis of a particular topic.

A job well done

You'll find when working with me that I'm professional, friendly, helpful and a team player. I am more than willing to listen to your needs and requirements, while giving you guidance on areas with which you want assistance. You'll be satisfied with the working experience I will provide you with - so send me a message and let's see what writing and editing projects we can work on together.