My specialist subjects - and how what I know can help you

Having a freelance writer who is an expert in a subject is a great advantage when planning your project. Here are some of the areas of which I have in-depth knowledge, meaning I can put my experience to fantastic use on your campaign - so send me a message if I have what you need. Or if your area isn't listed, ask me how I can still help you: I'm always looking for new experiences to learn about.

Cars and travel

Business comms

Food and culture

Retro gaming


Almost all of my career has been in the automotive sector in some capacity - either working with brands or writing about their products and services. Not only have I written news, reviews and features, I've also created copy for the industry. So whether you want someone who can do a review for your publication, or an expert about how this business works, I'm the freelancer for you. Also: not only did I spend five years working for What Car?, I was also the first woman to achieve an MA in Automotive Journalism.


Having spent years working with brands to create business-critical communications for their employees, I know how to write easy-to-understand articles for this group. They need to be succinct and to the point - while conveying all the necessary details for staff to carry out their work. You can read about my methods on how to create great communications. I've also got a BA (Hons) in Communications, Media and Culture from Oxford Brookes University.

Finance and business

These can be complicated subjects to comprehend correctly - and that's where one of my skills comes into use. Having worked with brands on their own finance and business communications, I can simplify complex concepts so anyone can understand them regardless of their workplace knowledge. This will make your articles both effective and engaging.


I love nothing more than a meal that excites the senses - the smell, the sight, the taste... I come alive when speaking about my favourite dishes and, even though I have a sweet tooth, I do like a good pizza or curry. Whether it's an exotic plate of unusual ingredients or a bowl of porridge, I'm always on the look-out for new experiences. I'm also vegan with an on-going mission to find alternatives to my old favoured foods.


Whether it's finding out how to truly enjoy travelling on a budget or discovering new experiences in a different part of the world: I love it all. I have great fun turning up all the varied encounters you can have across Europe, and I've also spent time in Japan by finding different adventures to explore. I've also worked in the US,  and can't wait to tour it further. Have a look at some of my travel writing, too.

Retro gaming

The 80s and 90s was great time to get into gaming - and I was lucky enough to experience it first-hand. It feels like it was only yesterday I played some of these iconic games and systems (which was the case with some!), and I love playing the classics of my childhood to this day. Finding out the history behind them fascinates me, too: here's some of my research into my retro-gaming favourites.

A great experience

I'm professional, friendly, helpful and a team player: so you'll find it a fantastic experience to work with me. I am more than willing to listen to your needs and requirements, while using my knowledge to add a little extra to your written publications. You'll be satisfied with the working experience I will provide you with - so get in touch and let's see what amazing projects we can work on together.

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