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Rosie Nicholas

Freelance journalist and editor

Creating great copy since 2007

I'm a UK-based freelance journalist who has worked as a sub-editor, writer and editor since 2007. My versatile skills mean I'm excellent at writing news and feature articles on time, with the style that perfectly fits the subject and the requirements for you: the client.

Whether you're a website or magazine searching for a freelance journalist, a marketing agency or content specialist wanting a copywriter, or a business who want an expert to help them with their online presence - I can work with you to achieve your goals and ambitions.

I also offer guidance on how to implement communications strategies: from identifying your audience,
to how to best present messages and encouraging people to use these channels effectively.

I welcome all work opportunities on any topic. In future, I can travel in the UK and internationally for assignments - or work remotely from my office.


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